Monday, 10 October 2011

Photo Storyboard

We needed to do a photo storyboard so we could get the idea of our story across to the class and our teacher. It also meant that we had to go out to the places we planned to film and have a look around and decide on some camera positions. We hope we can get into an old abandoned house not far from the school because it would be the best setting for our scary film. Doing the storyboard together really made us think about how we would shoot this scene and how it would fit together so it was a good task to do.
story board

This is a print screen of Ella and I editing our story board of our sample scene.  We used word processor to do this because it is straightforward and easy to understand. The plan is to use this storyboard to help us shoot our sample scene and then we have to pitch the film to our class. We're doing this to receive some audience feedback hopefully with some constructive criticism on how to improve before we go out and do the full shoot.

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