Monday, 17 October 2011

Audience Feedback from Pitch

After we presented our sample scene to our class we received some feedback which was mostly positive.  There was some constructive criticism which I thought was quite predictable.  One of the points they made is that we should have some gloomy music in our film that creates drama and tension for the audience. We realised this is important so Ella and I found some songs using the films we researched when looking for what sort of genre we wanted our film to be.
We played around with garage band and the royalty free music on there to try and put some sound on the film.

As the style of our film is like such films as Paranormal Activity and Cloverfield there isn't actually any soundtrack in the film except for a few gloomy noises from characters and some sort of animal which is in Cloverfield.  We originally planned to include a soundtrack in the alternate parts of the film where the characters are supposedly being watched.  In our sample scene this would have worked but in our final version of our film it wouldn't have work so well so we decided not to include music.

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