Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Film Poster

Ella and I originally had something planned like this gate with a haunted setting for our film poster.  This is a draft of what we had imagined our film poster would be like.  It turned out that this idea was unrealistic as neither of us had that much experience in using PhotoShop to be able to make this possible.  Our film was also in a different location which had no gates or fences so it wouldn't advertise the setting very well. Sometimes film posters a bit different than the final film because they're made before the film is finished or they want to make it more exciting. For us it would mean driving around trying to find these gates and then adding other images in.  

This is the original picture of the main character Beth. We chose this because she is the main character and in the film Beth becomes possessed, she screams at the end of the film and this picture is representing Beths high pitched scream. This image is dramatic enough to engage the audience and make it clear something horrible happens to this character. The medium close up works well too because the audience can see the emotion on her face and it's important to get a reaction from the audience so they want to go and see the film.

Ella and I had an idea to have just Beth as the poster and have the surroundings of Beth disorientated. We weren't sure how to do this at first so we tried out a few techniques. This didn't really work out as we imagined it so we had to keep experimenting.

We found a programme on the internet that had just the effect that we wanted. Using this effect the picture looked just as we intended it to look. The effect was called 'light tunnel' and it made beth look like she was being taken into a spirit world which is exactly what we want the audience to think.

We had a look at other film posters to see what kind of language was used on them and who was mentioned. Also things like the font and the font sizes.  We found this Star Trek poster and used it as a base for ours.  Even though ours isn't a sci-fi film we thought the type of font would suit our genre of film which is horror.  The fonts are similar and so is the poster as is focuses mostly on the face in the middle.

We uploaded the picture onto PhotoShop so we could add the text that we decided to attach to the poster.   We had a discussion about what colour the font should be whether is should be red, black or white.  We decided to go white as it went better with the picture and it stood out, making it easy for the audience to read the details..

Trying out different fonts and different way of presenting fonts helped Ella and I decided which one to use for our film poster. We attempted for the font to look as much as a Ouija board font as possible because it will look effective on the film poster.

We decided that this font wasn't suitable for the film poster but may have been for our original idea.  

We used a website called 'dafont.com' to try out all different types of fonts and see which one would suit our poster best.  We discovered a free font called '28 days later' which we thought really suited our poster.  We wanted to find a font which didn't make our poster look amateur and this font was the one we chose that could do that for us.  We installed the font to PhotoShop and changed the colour to match the other details on the poster such as the release date and the actors.

This is our final version o the poster.  At first we didn't know where to place the title and the other details  because we didn't want to cover up a lot of the actresses face as the font size we chose for the title is quite large.  When we finally placed it where it is now we were surprised that it worked an we thought it looked like a gag as well so it added to the feeling of being trapped. We put it on a wall beside other posters to see how it would look and some people have said it looks like she's trying to get out of the poster, or that it's like a window.

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