Thursday, 1 December 2011

The new plan and the new shoot

We had trouble with shooting our full film at first due to lack of actors and we were unable to get back into the house we had filmed in originally because someone had boarded it up. When we gathered the correct amount of actors, we found a new location which was suitable for our film. We sat down as a team and discussed the plan of action.  The members of the team are Ella Davey, Beth Smith and myself.  The new location was set at my house and some parts were also filmed in my shed at the bottom of my garden.  These are some of the notes that were produced from our team meeting.  The plot of the final film, the actors, the location, the time we were to meet, the props we needed and costume we needed to wear.  
Ella and I decided to work with each other because we have different skills that we could use to our strengths and putting these strengths together would make a great team.  We decided to chose Beth Smith as the main character in our film because she does drama A Level and has the right look we needed for the character who gets possessed in our film.  She also has a brilliant scream.      

Ella and I made a schedule so we knew when and where we would be filming or doing other pieces of work to prepare ourselves for the film.  We also gave one to Beth so she knew when and where we would be filming.   


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