Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Why make a short film?

Making film has been called a large labour of love and there is always one of many reasons behind the point of making one. As media students we have been studying all sorts of short films from different websites and at the European Film Festival. Short films can be made by anyone who is willing to take on the task.  They are distributed by being put online or being entered in certain competitions and festivals.  Just like the ones we watched in Paris.  There was a student that had his film being shown there who said he literally just phoned up and asked for his film to be shown. When they watched it they liked it so it had a premiere at the festival.

To further our knowledge in film we got the opportunity to visit the european film festival in Paris. We got the chance to watch loads of different independent films, short films, feature films, documentaries, music videos and animations from all different types of directors both upcoming and established from all over the world. This opened my eyes not to just different types of films but also varied my knowledge to the reasoning behind them.
People make short films for many different reasons from business and the financial side of it to making them for a personal benefit.
The audience that joined us at the film festival in Paris was varied.  Both young and old from a variety of different backgrounds.

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